Master Sheng Yen is a prolific writer and has written many books on Chan Buddhism. While the majority of his books were written in Chinese, there were also books translated and published in English and other languages. This section introduces the English language books written by Master Sheng Yen. They are available in DDM Malaysia library and selected titles from our online bookstore.

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Compilation of Works by Master Sheng Yen

During his long career as a monk, Master Sheng Yen has produced many works that have benefited students and seekers of the Dharma all over the world. Here’s a compilation of his works which include writings on the introduction to Chan Buddhism, the practice of Chan meditation and discourses on the practice of Chan in daily life with emphasis on a humanistic perspective.

Encounters with Master Sheng Yen series

Over the course of his lifetime, Master Sheng Yen has touched and transformed many lives. 

‘Encounters with Master Sheng Yen’ consists of 10 booklets with accounts by his monastics and lay disciples, whereby each recounted their special moments with the Chan Master. Through their sharing, we get a glimpse of Master Sheng Yen’s everyday life, how he would give detailed guidance to his disciples regarding their speech and actions. There are also accounts of his travels to share the Buddhadharma, reaching out to the public and teaching them. Even in his later years when he became quite ill, he was an example of how to face life and death with freedom and ease.

We hope through this series, everyone can learn from the wisdom of Master Sheng Yen, so that together we can realize his vision to create a pure land on this earth. 

Master Sheng Yen’s Digital Archive

The Complete Works of Master Sheng Yen

More Free Books by Master Sheng Yen

Here are some useful resources which can help to deepen your understanding of Chan.

Founded by Master Sheng Yen and published quarterly since 1977, Chan Magazine contains lectures by Master Sheng Yen and other Chan teachers, translations of Buddhist texts, scholarly studies in Buddhism, practitioner’s retreat reports, poetry, and more. Click here to access.

Published periodically from 1979 until 1997, the Chan Newsletter is a treasure trove of articles of interest to the Chan practitioner. Click here to access.

The Legacy of Chan (online course)

This course provides an introduction to the nature and style of Chan Buddhism, which has been practiced in China since around the 6th century C.E. and, when exported to Japan around the 11-12th century, became the source of “Zen”. 

Rather than attempt to present in depth every important aspect and feature of Chan Buddhism, this course — by presenting some of the  highlights of Chan — hopefully conveys its flavour and unique approach. Click here to access.

Dharma Talks By Master Sheng Yen

This page provide a collection of transcripts from dharma talks by Master Sheng Yen in the USA. This includes the daily talks conducted during a 7-day Chan Retreat and sharing of Chan meditation and practices. Click here to access.