New Dharma Drum Mountain Malaysia Centre

Uplifting Humanity, Purifying the Mind: Building the Chan Meditation Centre

Through the practice of Chan, we could open the path to clarity in life.

Through the systematic teachings of the Buddha, vexation is transformed into profound enlightenment.

We sincerely invite you to join us in supporting the construction of the new Dharma Drum Mountain Malaysia Centre amidst this bustling city and in helping to illuminate a pure land on Earth by protecting the spiritual environment.

Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) Malaysia is dedicated to realising the concept of ‘uplifting the character of humanity and building a pure land on earth’ through its guiding principle of ‘Protecting the Spiritual Environment’ along with Master Sheng Yen’s teachings.

It promotes widely accessible Chan practices and disseminates virtuous and practical Dharma through a variety of activities. In particular, the meditation activities are highly regarded as a systematic form of Chan Buddhism that helps to pave the way for inner peace and ease, as well as spiritual purification in our fast-paced society.

Due to urgent demand, the public requires a larger, more comprehensive, and diverse Dharma centre in order to:

1. Promote activities based on Chan practices, allowing busy urban dwellers to recharge at the centre.

2. Provide comprehensive and systematic Buddhist teachings, enabling public access to learn from the wisdom of Buddhism.

3. Provide accommodation for retreats, thus enhancing the meditation experience.

4. Provide resources and a venue for event hosting and activities organized by universities/colleges as well as other Buddhist organisations.

5. Develop new international Buddhist studies programs, meditation retreats, and seminars, just to name a few, in addition to fostering mutual learning and sharing.

Unique Recharging Station

The new Dharma Drum Mountain Malaysia Centre will be a five-storey building, twice the size of the current centre. There will be a spacious meditation hall as well as accommodation facilities for participants in various activities. Additionally, the centre will have an underground parking area and an open rooftop for walking and moving meditation.

Rooftop: Open space for walking and moving meditation
4F: Accommodation (for Participants, VIPs, and Sangha)
3F: Accommodation (for Participants, VIPs, and Sangha)
2F: Meditation hall
1F: Classroom, multipurpose hall, conference room, office, VIP room
GF: Reception area, cultural area, publicity area, light food area, office, dining hall, kitchen, volunteer room
B1: Car park

Taking the MRT to learn Buddhism

The new Dharma Drum Mountain Malaysia Centre is conveniently located just a 300-metre walk from the Kwasa Damansara MRT station and is a 30-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya, providing you the opportunity to experience a pure land in the midst of a bustling city.

Together We Sow the Merit-field and Uphold the True Dharma

As expounded by Master Sheng Yen, savings can be categorised as either limited or unlimited, and as either temporary or permanent. Savings in one’s bank account are limited and temporary, savings within the society are unlimited and permanent, while savings within the Three Jewels are unlimited, permanent, and infinite.

Building a Dharma centre enables the continuation of the Buddha’s teaching, and contributing to this effort is considered an exceptional form of offering.

• Monetary Donation: Any amount is appreciated.
• Merit Sharing: Share this fundraising drive with your family and friends; this provides an opportunity for them to cultivate their merit.
• Equipment Sponsorship: We welcome sponsors for various necessary equipment and building materials.

Bank account:
Public Bank 3207582924
Dharma Drum Buddhist Association, Selangor & Federal Territory

After completing the bank transaction, please email the bank transfer slip to [email protected] with subject ‘Donation to the new DDM Malaysia Centre’. Kindly provide your name, contact number, and email address in the same email for issuance of receipt.